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Board Members

Eric L. Sorkin
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Cecilia Chan
Vice Chairman

Ms. Chan has 22 years of experience in making strategic investments and business development.
She began working on Immtech’s growth strategy in 1998 and spearheaded Immtech’s initial public
offering in April 1999. Ms. Chan is responsible for strategic development, creating joint ventures,
fundraising, and directing the Company’s uses of capital resources as the firm advances through
its various growth stages and achievements. Prior to joining Immtech, Ms. Chan was a Vice President
at Dean Witter until 1993. During her eight years at that firm Ms. Chan completed over $500 million
in investments and was Officer of public partnerships with assets of over $800 million. Since 1993,
Ms. Chan has developed and funded investments in the U.S. and in China. She graduated from
New York University with a Bachelor of Science degree in International Business.

David Fleet
Principal, David Fleet Pharmaceutical Industry Consultancy Services
Non-Executive Director, OnMedica Group Ltd.
Director, IatRx Pharma Ltd.


Judy Lau
Chairperson, Convergent Business Group
Hong Kong, PRC


Levi Hong Kaye Lee, M.D.
Queen Mary Hospital
Hong Kong, PRC


Donald F. Sinex
Board Director
Devonwood, Inc.



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