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Board Members

Eric L. Sorkin
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Cecilia Chan
Vice Chairman

David Fleet
Principal, David Fleet Pharmaceutical Industry Consultancy Services
Non-Executive Director, OnMedica Group Ltd.
Director, IatRx Pharma Ltd.


Judy Lau
Chairperson, Convergent Business Group
Hong Kong, PRC

Ms. Lau has served as Director since October 31, 2003. Since July 2002, Ms. Lau has served as the
Chairperson of Convergent Business Group, a Hong Kong-based investment advisory firm with
investments focused in high technology, life sciences, healthcare and environmental engineering
projects in the greater China region. From May of 2001 to July of 2002, Ms. Lau served as General
Manager of China Overseas Venture Capital Co. Ltd., a venture capital firm. From October of 2000
to April of 2001, Ms. Lau served as Chief Executive Officer of the Good Fellow Group, a Chinese
investment firm; and from March of 1999 to September of 2000, Ms. Lau was the Managing Director
of America Online HK, an Internet Service Provider and Hong Kong affiliate of Time Warner, Inc.
From April of 1998 to February of 1999, Ms. Lau worked as a consultant to Pacific Century Group.
Ms. Lau has served in the position of Director of Immtech Hong Kong Ltd. since June, 2003. Ms. Lau
was named in 2000, one of the thirty-six most influential Business Women of Hong Kong by
Capital Magazine and is a Fellow of the Hong Kong Association for the Advancement of Science
and Technology.

Levi Hong Kaye Lee, M.D.
Queen Mary Hospital
Hong Kong, PRC


Donald F. Sinex
Board Director
Devonwood, Inc.


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